Car Transport VS. Driving

Stuck between driving the car by yourself and using a car transport service to move it to a faraway destination? Read this detailed comparison of both to get the answer.

Why Do You Want to Drive?

Driving the car to a few hundred miles within the city or a few thousand miles to another city or state has its benefits, and you are not wrong for thinking of doing so. Here’s why many people driving the car by themselves, instead of getting auto shipping, do so:

  • To Save Money: This is the most common factor as you can save a few hundred bucks when driving the car to another location. If a car transport service is costing you $700 bucks to ship your vehicle to a different city, you may be able to do the same in $300 to $400 bucks depending on fuel cost and other expenses you incur on the road.
  • To Enjoy the Ride: Mostly, people who are going on a vacation to a different city or state opt for driving the car by themselves and enjoy the view and the company of their loved ones. Making stops at different diners throughout the journey and staying a night or two in motels has its own fun. You might not get this kind of roadside enjoyment when shipping your car with an auto transport company and taking public transport.

We understand that driving the car to its destination by yourself has its perks but are these two benefits worth it compared to getting a car shipping service? Read the next section to find out.

Why Should You Get Car Transport Instead?

  • Less Effort: When driving the car by yourself, you will be continuously behind the wheel for several hours, or even days, depending on where you’re going. This means getting a stiff back with agonizing pain is almost guaranteed. Plus, it’s tiresome to drive hundreds or thousands of miles without a break; it requires a lot of attention and focus, which can quickly drain you. When shipping your car, you don’t have to worry about any of this; the carrier will do everything.
  • Less Risk: Long drives, especially when going through highways or freeways, mean the risk of accidents. Even if that’s avoided, nothing is stopping your car from getting a breakdown with no mechanic or gas station around. This is a nightmare of every motorist, and if it happens to you, it will come with a lot of struggle, starting from begging strangers to help you out or waiting for AAA service to come and get your car. Nothing like this will happen with auto transport.
  • No Wear and Tear: Travelling to hundreds or thousands of miles would mean your car will suffer a lot of wear and tear. From tires to the engine, everything will be under pressure for hours or days without much break. This, coupled with the addition of hundreds of miles on the odometer, would mean a loss in the cars resale value. But if your vehicle is transported with a car shipping service, it will not move, not even a mile. The carrier will take it to the destination place while it stays put on its ramp.

Bottom Line:

We are sure that after seeing the pros and cons of driving the car by yourself, you must be thinking if driving the car by yourself is even worth it? Well, it is in some cases like transporting to just a few hundred miles.

However, when it comes to intercity or interstate transportation, getting a vehicle shipping service will save you a world of pain and a good amount of money too.

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